Account Basics

  • Login Info

    How do I log in to my account?

    You can log into your RTO Online Payments account through the AF-Rentall website or click here and enter your email address (the same one you used to sign up for your account) and your unique RTO Online Payments password in the designated fields then click the Log In button.

    What if I've forgotten my password?

    To retrieve you AF-Rentall RTO Online Payment Password, use the link on the log-in page or click here to go to the "Forget Your Password?" screen. Enter your email address and click submit. We will then email you a link with instruction on how to reset your password.

    What if my email address and password are not working?

    If your email address and password are not working, keep these tips in mind:

    1. Your email address and password cannot contain any spaces.

    2. Be sure you use your entire email address and not your name.

    3. Be sure to include the @ symbol in your email address.

    4. Be sure to include .com (or relevant domain extension) at the end of your email address.

    5. Try variations of your email address.

    6. Your password must be at least eight characters long and is case sensitive. If you have the CAPS LOCK key on, your password may not work.

    7. Your browser must support cookies, and you must enable the option in order to log in. Use your browser's Help section to find out more about enabling cookies.

    Making Payments

    Is making a payment secure?

    Yes. AF-Rentall RTO Online Payments uses SSL technology to keep your information and transactions safe.

    What types of payment methods are available?

    We currently accept Debit and Credit Card payment.

    1. Accepted Debit Cards: Must have the Visa or MasterCard mark

    2. Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, America Express, Discover

    My Profile

    How can I view and/or edit my personal information?

    View Personal Information: You can view your account information from your account Profile page. Edit Personal Information: At this time, you are unable to edit the information in your Profile, except your defualt payment card. Changes with your account information (address, phone number, etc...) must be made through AF-Rentall RTO Online Payments Customer Service.